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Stress Number

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Feeling stressed? What’s your Stress Number? With the Stress Number™, it is now possible to measure, aggregate, report, and trend a stress metric as it relates to personal health or organizational cost. Now we are able to assess home, work and social stress, calculate the Stress Number™, provide The Oxygen Plan program and re-measure stress for individuals or organizations. The Stress Number™ is a significant development in the field of health metrics.

The Stress Number™ should be used to help individuals and organizations manage health and health care costs – just like blood pressure and BMI.

Because stress in the home or social life impacts employees at work, and vice versa, it’s in employers’ best interest to know the aggregate employee Stress Number™ for their organization and get a line of sight into root causes.

Go-Gurt – Portable Yogurt

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How does Yoplait go from being a perennial also-ran to dethroning Dannon for the yogurt title? BIG Innovation. I broke the (cup) paradigm with packaging to target a new market segment – kids. A new market segment was born with a blockbuster $100+ million business. The rest is history.

Resting on new product innovation laurels is never a good thing. The lesson here was lost – actively seek out the next market segment – BEFORE your competitors (Greek Style, Activia) do.

No doubt, the reinvention of the fragmented and poorly innovated cottage cheese market is taking place now with Greek Style yogurt – without the curds. Think about it. The newly created yogurt segment is the perfect hybrid – leveraging what’s great about yogurt while I improving upon key barriers to cottage cheese (curds, taste, variety, and branding).

Building Strong Girls

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When the Girl Scouts of America needed a BIG idea for a national campaign to celebrate the 100 year anniversary. The idea had to capture a century of the organization’s essence – equipping girls with life skills so they could thrive in the world and reach their greatest potential.

The platform had to be emotive, strong and broad shouldered enough to support a bold national promotional campaign, several national sponsors, and supporters – including the first lady.

In three words, Building Strong Girls(TM) quickly and powerfully communicates everything the Girl Scouts have done, stand for, and will do for the next 100 years.

The Oxygen Plan

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The Oxygen Plan specializes in decoding stress and helping employers lower health care costs, improve productivity and strengthen employee engagement. The Oxygen Plan, co-developed by Dr. Donald E. Williams, board-certified clinical health psychologist (American Board of Professional Psychology/ABPP), and Chief Science Officer and Founder, Eric Lucas, is the only stress reduction program to use a patent-pending green, yellow, red color coding to easily facilitate stress recognition and behavior change for individuals and organizations. The Oxygen Plan is also the home of the Stress Number™, the new health metric, and first to quantify stress levels.

Employee stress drains $400 billion a year from U.S. employers–yet many organizations do not fully understand the damage stress causes to their profit margins, employee productivity levels and employee health.

Stress is a concern in the lives of people – at work, in the social lives and especially … Read More »

Fiber One

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How does a sleepy, $50 million brand with no advertising budget for over a decade become a $500 million business in just four years? Easy. All brands have weaknesses. All brands have strengths too. Leveraging its strength then overcoming the weaknesses was fundamental to the overall plan. First, we had to retool the strategy and find a sharp edge with consumers.The accepted consume belief – people know they need fiber. Every day. They just have NO idea how much fiber they need or the fiber content of more than 3 foods.

Fiber One Original will never win a taste contest. Its strength, or gift, is the fact that it delivers 70% of your daily value of fiber with a mere 60 calories.

The BIG Idea was encapsulated in my Fiber Eureka strategy – tell people about this one stop fiber shop and … Read More »

Lucky Charms

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Lucky Charms. They’re Magically Delicious. What more needs to be said or done on this brand? 95%+ kids are familiar with this brand. They know it and they love it. So do most adults. Adult consumption accounts for approximately 40% of the sales volume.

With countless store brands and other less expensive brands bidding to steal market share from this 50 year old brand, how do you erect defensive barriers to thwart their efforts?

You bring a little bit of leprechaun magic to the box of delightful marshmallows and give each of them their own special magic power. The powers of flight, speed, to become invisible, etc can only be found inside boxes of Lucky Charms. You change the playing field on the competition and compete on magic. This innovation led to magical sales growth on … Read More »

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In 2003, there was not an abundance of sites for kids on the web. Certainly, there were a few sites by cartoon equity companies that featured games for kids to play and interact with those characters. They were equity character-centric and less about the kids and their own senses of identity and community.

Hence, was born as a kid-centric web environment where kids could create an avatar likeness of themselves (a first in the industry), get their own virtual home, then earn points to furnish their homes with pets, furniture, fences, gardens, etc.

They were also educated on the food pyramid at and incentivized to virtually feed their characters with nutritious food choices. The performance statistics were astounding:

– Top 25 Global Website for Total Pages Served
– Averaged 73 Pages Per Visitor
– Averaged Over 30 Minutes Per Visitor

Princess Fruit Snacks

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Sometimes the best ideas come from outside. In this case, the idea of a Princess Fruit Snack gave rise to a blockbuster business platform for Disney. “Let’s gang them together and come out with a line of Princess Fruit Snacks for mommy and daddy’s little princess.”

That was not exactly a politically correct suggestion to make to a Los Angeles based company more than a decade ago.

It’s definitely not a good idea that any ambitious Disney employee would/could suggest. Leave it to an outsider who doesn’t know their, or even his own, limitations. “But you don’t understand, they are not really princesses,” was the classic quote from the Disney VP that preceded the really big idea that gave rise to the multi-billion dollar business and phenomena. And they lived happily ever after…