Fiber One

How does a sleepy, $50 million brand with no advertising budget for over a decade become a $500 million business in just four years? Easy. All brands have weaknesses. All brands have strengths too. Leveraging its strength then overcoming the weaknesses was fundamental to the overall plan. First, we had to retool the strategy and find a sharp edge with consumers.The accepted consume belief – people know they need fiber. Every day. They just have NO idea how much fiber they need or the fiber content of more than 3 foods.

Fiber One Original will never win a taste contest. Its strength, or gift, is the fact that it delivers 70% of your daily value of fiber with a mere 60 calories.

The BIG Idea was encapsulated in my Fiber Eureka strategy – tell people about this one stop fiber shop and develop additional Fiber One cereals to steal directly from Kellogg’s perceived high fiber cereals. Fiber One Bars gave the brand holistic solution status and a cult following. Mission Accomplished.