Princess Fruit Snacks

Sometimes the best ideas come from outside. In this case, the idea of a Princess Fruit Snack gave rise to a blockbuster business platform for Disney. “Let’s gang them together and come out with a line of Princess Fruit Snacks for mommy and daddy’s little princess.” That was not exactly a politically correct suggestion to […]

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Fiber One

How does a sleepy, $50 million brand with no advertising budget for over a decade become a $500 million business in just four years? Easy. All brands have weaknesses. All brands have strengths too. Leveraging its strength then overcoming the weaknesses was fundamental to the overall plan. First, we had to retool the strategy and

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Advertising Age’s Awards

The Ad Age 2003 Marketing 50 recognized me in their selection of that year’s Best Marketers. The award was in recognition of work that I did as a marketer on General Mills’ Milk and Cereal Bars – an attempt to leverage several familiar cereal brands and liberate them beyond the cereal-milk-bowl paradigm. More eating occasions

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The Oxygen Plan

The Oxygen Plan specializes in decoding stress and helping employers lower health care costs, improve productivity and strengthen employee engagement. The Oxygen Plan, co-developed by Dr. Donald E. Williams, board-certified clinical health psychologist (American Board of Professional Psychology/ABPP), and Chief Science Officer and Founder, Eric Lucas, is the only stress reduction program to use a

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Stress Number

Feeling stressed? What’s your Stress Number? With the Stress Number™, it is now possible to measure, aggregate, report, and trend a stress metric as it relates to personal health or organizational cost. Now we are able to assess home, work and social stress, calculate the Stress Number™, provide The Oxygen Plan program and re-measure stress

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